Our company is devoted to supplying high quality precision castings, manufactured by professionals, with a focus on customer requirements, while guaranteeing socially responsible and environmentally sustainable entrepeneurship.

Foundry network / China sourcing via commercial department

Through our extensive foundry network and local contacts with the management of many foundries, we are also able to source and supply other castings from China. We can oversee production in other production sites and arrange the required quality control and logistics. We can source: grey and ductile iron castings, aluminium, bronze and carbon steel castings, alloyed steels and stainless steels, die cast aluminium parts, sand cast aluminium, lost wax aluminium, lost foam castings, centrifugal castings, gravity castings, low pressure castings, steel forgings, V-process – vacuum moulding Surface finishing: painting, anodizing, galvanizing, chroming & other plating

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European Sales Office

Maanlander 10, 3824 MP
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
Tel   : +31(0)88 400 55 70
Fax  : +31(0)88 400 55 79